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Weatherproof Telephone With External Ringer

In order to enhance the functionality of weatherproof telephone in high ambient noisy areas, an External Weatherproof Ringer is used with Weatherproof Phone.
It acts as a secondary telephone call indicator to signal incoming telephone call. 
It is High-volume telephone call signaling device for harsh and hostile environments. 
The robust housing withstands rain, high humidity and similar harsh & hostile environment condition. 
User can select either single tone OR dual tone OR multi tone unit.

Weatherproof Telephone Ringer :
Application : Indoor and outdoor
Material / Housing : In ABS
Color : Black
Size : 3.5” Dia X 3.75” Length
Power rating : 10 watt or 15 watt
Sounder volume : 115 dB / meter
Rated voltage : 24 VDC
Signal tones : Available in Single tone / Dual tone / Multi tone
Connected using : Weatherproof Telephone Relay Box