Plant Communication System, Industrial Paging System, Public Address System, Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Telephone, Weatherproof Telephone, Integrated PA, Mumbai, India
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Plant Communication System
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  Plant Communication System, Industrial Paging System, Public Address System, Intrinsically Safe Explosion Proof Telephone, Weatherproof Telephone, Integrated PA, Mumbai, India

Plant Communication System

PLANT COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (PCS) is a microprocessor controlled, software programmable, central exchange based “paging system with talk back facility”. 

The system comprises of page channel and party channels for two-way communication facility between the control room and the field.

Page Channel provides loud speaking facility and is used for broadcasting messages or issue instructions or to locate field operators in the plant. The announcements made by the users are heard over the field loudspeakers.
Plant Communication System

Party Channel is used for carrying prolonged conversations in private mode, which is not heard over the loudspeakers. The system possess multiple party channels i.e. one dedicated channel for each field handset station. Thus each field operator can carry his separate, independent and simultaneous conversation.

The field call stations and loudspeakers are installed at various locations throughout the facility. The person can communicate from any field call station of the system. 

The loudspeakers and field call stations are indoor type for indoor areas, weatherproof type for outdoor safe (i.e. non-hazardous) areas and explosion proof type for hazardous areas. The loudspeakers are available in different wattages & sound pressure levels and in different sizes & constructions to meet all types of the requirements.

The system provides excellent reproduction of sound, clear audible announcements and high intelligibility of speech, even in high noisy areas.

Key Features:
Paging + Alarm broadcasting facility 
• Master-Slave Configuration with facility to connect multiple    master control desks
• Direct Communication between the field operators and the    control room operator
• Direct communication between the two field operators (i.e.    without routing any calls through central control room)
• Communication between the two field operators with the help    of Master Control Station (MCS)
• Individual zone, Multiple zone and All zone selection for    announcements
• Facility of connecting emergency siren over the paging    channel
• Digital display at MCS for identification of field call station    number / area name
• Call holding, call waiting, page priority, override and central    monitoring facility at MCS 

Plant Communication System

• No requirement of AC mains for operating any field equipment
• Access to features can be restricted (by software    programming) for few call stations
No correlation between the field handset stations and the loudspeakers. Their quantity,    location and their functioning are 100% independent
Open system to facilitate its integration with EPABX, Fire alarm etc.
Easy and quickly expandable by adding the relevant card in central equipment 
Host of various unique and useful features 

Key Advantages:
State of the art technology
Software programmable for communication options, features and system access
Simple and economical field cabling
Cost effective design and hardware
Trouble free system
Modular architecture, offering the flexibility to build the system block by block
Centralized monitoring for system operation, performance and equipment healthiness
Reduced and easy maintenance
High flexibility and adaptability
100% non-blocking communication facility to all users
Minimum downtime, easy system operation and maximum safety
Easy and Quick to expand 

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