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Flame Proof Explosion Proof Telephone

Explosionproof Telephone is designed for voice communication in the hostile environment where reliability, efficiency and safety are of prime importance.

The phone is suitable for use in harsh and hostile environment characterized by:

Indoor & outdoor usage
Presence of dust & water ingress
Corrosive atmosphere
Explosive gases & particles
Extreme & varying temperature
Loud ambient noise due to industrial processes
Pilferage, Mishandling, rough usage, safety
Flame Proof Explosion Proof Telephone
Key Features:
Certified for use in Gas Group I, IIA and IIB
Zone classification: Zone 1 & Zone 2
Ex ‘d’ protected
Intrinsically safe Ex "ib" protected / certified.
Temperature classification: T6
Degree of Protection: IP 66
Robust and weather resistant
Mounting: Wall / column / structural
Enclosure Material: Aluminum
Handset material: ABS
Power Supply: Line powered i.e. drawn from telephone line. It doesn’t require any external AC Supply.
Built in External Ringer, which provides significant and penetrating calling signal (>85dbA @ 1 meter). The sound output is sharp and thus easily gets differentiated from the surrounding noise.
Large and visible, push button type keypad for smoother and faster dialing of numbers. The dial system is integrated inside the telephone body so that neither dust can get in nor it can get damaged
The Push Button Keypad is protected with silicon rubber cover pad
No. of keys: 0 to 9, * , #, Flash, Redial, Reset, Blank (Total 16 keys)
Hook Switch Mechanism: Magnetically operated reed switch, encapsulated in FRP cradle for signaling operation
No mechanical or moving parts. Elimination of moving parts ensures more level of reliability to phone
Noise canceling dynamic microphone for effective communication from noisy areas
Handset cord: Stainless Steel spiral cord
Dialing system: LD and DTMF (swithcable)
Light weight and compact design to ensure fast and simple installations
Compatibility: Fully compatible with all PBX’s
External Canopy in FIBRE for extra protection
Mounting Brackets for mounting on structure
Cabling: Single pair telephone cable
Dimension of the phone: Approx. 356 X 200 X 205mm (H X W X D)
Weight of the phone: Approx. 12 Kg.
Certified by: CMRI, INDIA